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Flat Roofing Systems: The Solution to Your Roofing Problem

There are several types of systems available for residential flat roof applications. : built-up roofs (BUR), modified bitumen, roof coatings, foam, thermoplastic single-ply membranes (TPO and PVC) and thermoset single-ply membranes such as EPDM. Each roofing system has its own performance characteristics and distinct advantages. SMART Roofing is a roofing contractor that has worked extensively to install, maintain and repair each of these roof systems. During this time, we have acquired vast knowledge and expertise on the intricacies and nuance of each roofing system. This knowledge, coupled with our size and experience, enables us to evaluate your home’s particular roofing characteristics and effectively recommend roofing solutions that will meet your needs.

Craftsmanship: Based on Pride, Skill and Attention to Detail

While roofing materials knowledge is of utmost importance, selecting the right flat roofing system is only half of what contributes to the success of a roofing project. The most important part to consider is that each roofing system is only as good as the residential roofer who installs it. Proper installation is essential to fully maximize the benefits of the roof system and your capital investment. The craftsmanship in the flashing and detail work is critical to the success of your roof. You can have the very best materials utilized on your roof; however, installation by an average roofer will result in average roof system performance. If you expect superior roofing system performance, select SMART as your flat roofing contractor.

Please feel free to call us at 847.797.0404 or email to
Please feel free to call us or email:  847.797.0404

we recycle At SMART Roofing, Inc. we believe in being a responsible and environmentally friendly company.  Therefore, we recycle all of our asphalt-based roofing debris. The recycled asphalt is then used in creating new roads.

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Featured Roofing Projects & Articles by Smart Roofing, Inc.

Commercial Multi-Family Flat Roof Replacement in Lake Forest

Returning to the North Shore is something we always enjoy. Partly because of how nice the area is, and partly because it almost feels like a second home to us. This recent multi-family flat roof replacement in Lake Forest went so smoothly and efficiently because of this. Our expert flat roof crews are always very detailed and efficient, and being near the lake, from Lake Bluff, to Riverwoods, Highland Park, Winnetka, Wilmette, and of course Lake Forest, just adds a little extra energy.

The flat roofs we recently replaced on these town homes in Lake Forest were done to architect specifications and will ensure that they look and perform at their best. Starting with a recovery board, topped with polyiso insulation, and a top layer of adhered commercial Carlisle EPDM membrane, this roof will provide waterproofing, additional insulation, and even reduce the audible noise. Using a full Carlisle roof system along with all recommended EPDM accessories allows us to provide a 20-year warranty for the entire flat roof replacement. Alongside the membrane roof replacement, we also had our sheet metal crew fabricate custom copper copings and copper overflow boxes. The copper copings are essential perimeter flashings to ensure proper water and ice shedding, and the copper overflows make sure that the roof never floods if the drains become clogged. The homeowner association also requested that we replace the custom Velux skylights on some of the units and perform masonry repairs on the chimneys. What may seem like a complicated community flat roof replacement in Lake Forest, was a perfect challenge to keep our crews motivated.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Lake Forest and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Lake Forest Roofing Contractor with plenty of experience with commercial flat roofs and residential flat roofs. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404 to learn more about Carlisle products, visit, or email us for your residential or commercial roofing needs. For more information on Velux skylights visit

Commercial Multi-Family EPDM Flat Roof Replacement in Highland Park

The north suburbs are almost our second home. Having done many roof replacements in Highland Park, Winnetka, Wilmette, Lake Forest, Evanston, Glencoe, and Kenilworth, we know exactly how important roofs are. While the classic residential homes are some of the most well designed anywhere in the Chicagoland area,  commercial and multi-family buildings are just as important to the north suburbs. Housing many of the local residents, the flat roofs on these commercial buildings need to be perfect. That is precisely where the expertise of Smart Roofing Inc. comes in.

One of our recent commercial flat roof replacements in the north suburbs was in Highland Park. A multi-family property had issues with the existing modified bitumen roof leaking in multiple spots. The roof being over 25 years old, it was due time for a replacement. Having worked with associations, property managers, and roof consultants before, this project was right up our alley. We met with the roof consultant and helped with the initial roof assessment. After receiving the written specifications, we met with all necessary parties, and proceeded with the commercial roof replacement.

As a multi-family flat roof, there were many elements involved that needed additional flashings and details. From multiple air conditioning units, to skylights, to the roof hatch, and flat roof drains, our experienced crews knew exactly what they were getting into. Tearing off the roof in sections to ensure that none of the famous Chicagoland weather would catch us by surprise, we made quick work of the multi-family flat roof replacement. Since the northern suburbs, and Highland Park specifically, have high standards for roofing, we needed to be efficient and safe. Once the old modified bitumen flat roof was torn off, our crews proceeded to install tapered polyiso insulation, creating proper roof slopes, and covering the roof with Carlisle EPDM flat roof membrane. During this process we also had to work with several other trades that made sure the roof would work with their respective elements. HVAC contractors were necessary to disconnect and connect the air conditioning units, while plumbers were necessary to renovate the old commercial flat roof drains. One the flat roof membrane was done, and all the penetrations were properly flashed in, the perimeter flashings were left. Sheet metal work is one of our strongest points, along with general roof replacements, and sheet metal copings for commercial flat roofs are something of a specialty. This project required copings in different sizes, colors, and angles, and our sheet metal crew had no hesitations with fabricating those custom copings. Once installed, and tying in the whole flat roof together, we were very proud of our work.

With a final inspection with the roof consultant approved and out of the way, the only thing left was for Smart Roofing Inc. to look back at this commercial flat roof replacement in Highland Park, and appreciate the opportunity for show our respect for the North Shore area, and its attention to quality.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Highland and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your North Shore Roofing Contractor with plenty of experience with commercial and multi-family flat roofs. From roof assessments and repairs, to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service, and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference.

Commercial Flat Roof Commercial Flat Roof

The Importance of Flat Roof Maintenance

As a property or home owner, you rarely ever see your flat roof, which can lead to missed maintenance and a shortened lifespan. Flat roof maintenance is just as important as any other building maintenance. Whether it is a residential flat roof or a commercial flat roof, both should be inspected at least once a year to make sure everything is holding up, and that any needed repairs are done. A good roof maintenance program can extend the life of your flat roof by years, saving money in the long run.

While the flat roof membrane, EPDM, TPO, or PVC, will easily last its lifespan of 20-30 years, the roof penetrations, perimeter flashings, and membrane seams can sometimes fail prematurely. If such a failure happens, and goes unattended for weeks or months, it can ruin the whole roof system resulting in costly flat roof replacement. To avoid situations like these, a consistent flat roof maintenance schedule should be followed with at least one flat roof inspection in the spring. A flat roof's worst enemy is snow, ice, and cold temperatures, with many roofs being damaged by the frigid winds and freeze/thaw cycles of winter. A spring flat roof inspection can reveal any issues or problems that may have been caused by the winter, and in most cases Smart Roofing Inc. can repair these small issues before they create serious damage. We have We also recommend having another inspection done in the fall, to make sure your commercial or residential flat roof does not try to weather the worst season with holes or other deficiencies. A proactive approach to your roof will always be more cost effective than a reactive approach, saving you headaches, and money, in the long run.

We offer full maintenance programs, for either commercial flat roofs or residential flat roofs. We have trained service crews that have experience installing and repairing modified bitumen roofs, EPDM roofs, TPO roofs, and PVC roofs, as well as sheet metal work. We work with homeowners, associations, property managers, and builders alike to guarantee that you are provided with the best service. Ranging from small flashing repairs to flat roof patches, to gutter cleanings, and full replacements, Smart Roofing Inc. is your go to roofer for all things flat roofs.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule your roof flat roof maintenance inspection, flat roof roof assessment, or flat roof estimate, feel free to contact the roofing experts at Smart Roofing Inc. at (847) 797-0404 or email us at

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Moisture Issues in Masonry Buildings with Flat Roofs in Chicago

Rotted trusses Chicago
The housing bubble hurt many households when it happened, but it is still affecting families today in a different way. When the bubble was at its peak, the demand for new houses was also peaking, and builders were rushing as quickly as they could to finish up houses and move onto new ones. In the process, they often used sub-par materials and cut corners in the design. The result is that moisture is migrating into the roof systems and the walls of the buildings, and slowly rotting the wood framing work. This is very prominent in masonry buildings built between 2003-2008 that have flat roofs in the Chicago area.

When a house is built, it needs to stick to strict building requirements and specifications to ensure that the building envelope is as air tight as possible. This includes the installation of water proof membranes above masonry openings such as windows and doors, insulating penetrations to prevent condensation with temperature changes, and separation of building elements. When builders were rushing in the peak of construction, the either did less work than required for these elements, or completely skipped them. Without a membrane above windows and doors, any water that enters the structure through that opening will run down the wall, and soak into connected wood members. With time, these wood pieces will rot and lose their strength. Metal penetrations through masonry walls are very susceptible to condensation, as metal is a great thermal conductor. With freezing temperatures outside, and warm temperatures inside, water droplets form on the metal and cause it to corrode. These water droplets can also affect any nearby wood and cause rot. The most common issue we have noticed during our work with these buildings, is that the roofs are not a separate system from the framing/masonry gap. Over the years this allows the moisture that inherently migrates through sub-bar masonry work to enter the roof system, condensate on the underside of the roof decking, and slowly rot all connected wood members. This can in turn compromise the structural integrity of the roof as trusses become rotted and lose their strength.

In some cases where the builder stuck to some of the requirements, and if noticed early enough, the damage is not extreme and can be repaired to the extent that the structure is still safe and sound. In other cases that have been going on for years, and where the work was done as low cost as possible, parapet walls need to be removed, whole trusses need to be replaced along with the roof and decking, and the masonry needs to be redone. These flat roofs in Chicago masonry buildings most often show the issues with moisture around the perimeter of the house. If you notice a musty or wet smell, or see signs on moisture on walls and ceilings, it is definitely a good idea to have your roof inspected. Having dealt with multiple buildings with this issue, here at Smart Roofing Inc., we can tell you exactly what the repair process will be. In almost all cases the roof will need to be replaced to gain access to the roof decking and framing, so avoid wasting time and money on local repairs without having a thorough inspection done.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Chicago Roofing Contractor with plenty of experience with flat roofs. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service, and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404, to learn more, or email us for your residential or commercial roofing needs.

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Schaumburg Commercial Flat Roof Recovery

Commercial roofs offer their own set of challenges that Smart Roofing Inc. is always ready to face. This flat roof recovery in Schaumburg was particularly interesting because of the coordination required between the crane team and the roof team. Since we recovered the roof with loosely laid Carlisle EPDM membrane, we needed river rock to ballast the membrane and prevent it from blowing off. To get gravel to the roof required a crane with a hopper, and some great teamwork. Before we could even install the flat roof membrane, we had to make sure that the existing roof was ready to be recovered. We needed to vacuum up the existing gravel ballast, install recovery insulation to provide a flat surface, and only then did we lay the membrane down. Once the membrane was installed and all seams were sealed, we proceeded to load the river rock ballast with a team to direct the crane and a team to spread the ballast. Safety is always a priority with roofing, so safety lines and hard hats were a must! Smart Roofing Inc.'s sheet metal crew also made custom sizes of gravel stops and fascia to tie the whole roof together, making sure the perimeter of the roof is water tight and secure. Since the building is being remodeled into offices, the owner also requested that the skylights be replaced, which our team did without any issues. Commercial flat roofs are one of our many specialties, and this commercial flat roof recovery in Schaumburg, along with skylight replacement was a fun way to end the year. SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Schaumburg and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Schaumburg Roofing Contractor with plenty of experience with synthetic cedar shake roofs. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404, to learn more, or email us for your residential or commercial roofing needs. River Rock Ballasted EPDM Flat Roof Schaumburg EPDM Flat Roof Schaumburg Ballasted Flat Roof Schaumburg Carlisle EPDM Flat Roof Ballasted

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