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GAF Master Elite™ Residential Shingle Roofing Contractor

SMART Roofing, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois has earned the distinction of being appointed a...
GAF Master Elite™ Residential Roofing Contractor

To be awarded this recognition, GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors have undergone Factory Certification and have committed to specific principles and values in their selling practices, business process and installation methods.

The GAF Materials Corporation products being sold and installed are... backed By GAF...America's Largest Roofing Manufacturer. A commitment to providing you with an effective and comprehensive roofing system that delivers satisfaction for years to come is the hallmark of membership in the extremely select national group of GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors.

Quality And Principles You Can Trust

All Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors have agreed to an oath supporting their total dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, through:

  1. Communication...clear description of what you need...and why you need it...and what you can expect.
  2. Dependability...promises made are promises that will be kept.
  3. Integrity...prices charged are fair and reflect installation standards they would use even for their own home.
  4. Professionalism...guaranteeing that all protections are in place for the benefit of their customers, including adequate insurance and compliance with codes.

Authorized To Offer The GAF Golden Pledge™ Ltd. Warranty

This unique warranty--that can only be offered by a GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractor - promises total quality of the homeowner's new roofing system. Specifically, the finished roofing system is thoroughly inspected by a GAF factory technician,* and as a result, supported with even stronger assurances than GAF's standard warranties.

GAF Has Asked Us All Of The Tough Questions—So You Don't Have To

Asking the right questions is the key to selecting the right contractor. To become a certified GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor, a contractor must show that they are

  • Fully licensed in their state (or local area) to perform roofing work*
  • Adequately insured for your protection
  • Have a proven reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout their community
  • Committed to ongoing professional training to ensure quality installation

Because of GAF's stringent standards, only the top 2% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite™ contractors! Choosing a Master Elite™ Contractor is your assurance that you'll be dealing with a quality, reputable, and dependable professional contractor — not some "fly-by-nighter." (*Where licensing is available)

Factory-Certified Installation

To ensure your total satisfaction, GAF Master Elite™ Contractors have been provided with extensive training materials developed by GAF's technical experts—allowing them to stay current in the latest roof installation techniques. In fact, every Master Elite™ Contractor is required to train their foremen using GAF's Quality Assurance Roofing Educational Program.

Superior Protection

Most people think that a new roof is nothing more than just banging up some shingles. But our Master Elite™ Contractors know better—so they recommend GAF's Weather Stopper® 5-part roofing system. The Weather Stopper® system offers you the best protection against a variety of all-too-common roofing problems. Plus, each component of the Weather Stopper® System has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal!

"Worry-Free"And "Hassle-Free" Warranty Options

Because of their unique training and factory-certified status, roofs installed by Master Elite™ Contractors are eligible for special warranties — all backed by GAF's financial clout as North America's largest roofing manufacturer. After all, a warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that stands behind it. With a GAF roof, you know that you will be covered throughout the warranty period —without fail! Ask your Master Elite™ Contractor about which warranty option would be right for your home. Note: Certification is related only to installation covered by GAF enchanced warranties.

Financing Options

Need assistance? Or just trying to conserve your cash? Your Master Elite™ Contractor may be able to provide a special financing program that makes buying your new roof even more affordable — just ask!

Your Safest Choice

Don't trust your biggest asset to just any contractor. GAF factory-certified Master Elite™ contractors are your best and safest choice!

Please feel free to call us at 847.797.0404 or email to
Please feel free to call us or email:  847.797.0404

we recycle At SMART Roofing, Inc. we believe in being a responsible and environmentally friendly company.  Therefore, we recycle all of our asphalt-based roofing debris. The recycled asphalt is then used in creating new roads.

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Featured Roofing Projects & Articles by Smart Roofing, Inc.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Arlington Heights

Replacing shingle roofs and being a trustworthy local roofing contractor is what got us to where we are now, and it is still one of our main points of focus. The original owners and project managers are still here to ensure that the quality of work is just as good as it was when we were beginning our roofing journey. These shingle roof replacements in Arlington Heights, where a lot of our crew lives, showcase the asphalt shingle expertise we can provide to our clients' homes. 

Shingle roofs are some of the most common roof types out there, and every roofer has worked on at least a handful of them in their career. After being in business for 30 years, Smart Roofing has worked on thousands of shingle roof replacements, which has allowed us to gather experience on all sorts of details, flashings, and design choices. Working on shingle roofs from Palatine, to Buffalo Grove, to Vernon Hills, we have experience working with all types of buildings. Whether the roof needs just a shingle replacement or gutters installed to promote proper water drainage, we have done it all, and continue happily sharing our knowledge with homeowners. 

These roof replacements in Arlington Heights combined all of the elements we are so familiar with. GAF Timberline HDZ shingles in Weathered Wood color were the primary focus. The final touch on both of these Arlington Heights homes were the aluminum gutters and oversized downspouts installed by our crews, which ensured that any water that lands of the roof drains properly away from the home. We are very proud of being the local roofing contractor in Arlington Heights, where many of us call home, and enjoy helping our neighbors with their shingle roof replacements. 

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Arlington Heights and its surrounding northern Chicago suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, or Vernon Hills roofing contractor with plenty of experience with shingle roofs and gutters. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404 to learn more about GAF roofing products, visit, or email us for your residential metal roofing or commercial metal roofing needs.

Arlington Heights Shingle Roof ReplacementShingle Roof Arlington Heights Gutters


Bolingbrook Shingle Roof Replacement

The roofing experts at Smart Roofing, Inc. recently did a roof replacement in Bolingbrook. The aging asphalt shingle roof was more cost effective to replace with all new accessories as opposed to doing roof repairs. From necessary roof deck replacement, to new galvanized steel chimney flashings, new bathroom vents, and a new roof ventilation system, to new gutters and RainDrop gutter guards, we were able to install a whole new GAF asphalt shingle roof system. All the details matter with a new roof, and we pride ourselves on using only the best materials available.

As part of our full service roof replacement, we installed a new roof ventilation system, which is essential to extending the life of your roof, especially when combined with the GAF System Plus warranty. The existing roof plywood had to be replaced and a space was cut in to allow air to circulate. We then installed the GAF Cobra Snow Country Advanced ridge vent, and covered it with TimberTex, a reinforced hip and ridge asphalt shingle. This new shingle roof in Bolingbrook is now covered by a 50-year warranty, and we at Smart Roofing, Inc. were more than happy to help the homeowner have peace of mind when it comes to the roof.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full service roofing contractor serving Bolingbrook and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Bolingbrook Roofing Contractor. From roof assessments and repairs, to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404, to learn more about GAF roof products, or email us for your residential or commercial roofing needs.

Bolingbrook Shingle 2Bolingbrook Shingle1Plywood Ridge

Park Ridge Shingle Roof Replacement

Smart Roofing Inc. started in Park Ridge, Illinois over 25 years ago, and we are always more than happy to return to our roots. We appreciate being able to help out the community that helped us become the roofing experts we are today. Having done many shingle roof, slate roof, and tile roof replacements and repairs in Park Ridge, we know what it takes to get the job done correctly, and make your house look just as beautiful as it was designed to look.

Most recently we replaced an aged cedar shake roof with new GAF Timberline HD shingles, in conjunction with Carlisle EPDM flat roof sections, in Park Ridge. Since the cedar shake roof was old and damaged, the best option was a full roof replacement. The homeowner was torn between getting a new cedar shake roof or making the change to a new shingle roof. With our knowledge of cedar shake durability in the Chicagoland climate when compared to new architectural asphalt shingles, the decision was easy. During the process of the shingle roof replacement, we also replaced flat roof sections with Carlisle EPDM flat roof membrane. When combined with the dark shingle color, these new flat roofs will looks great and withstand all the elements just as long as the shingle roof. To make sure the new roof matches the sophisticated look that the house was designed to have, we made sure that all perimeter flashings were shaped to fit the new shingle roof. Having solved the leak issues and giving the house a whole new appearance, while maintaining the architectural look, this shingle roof replacement in Park Ridge is one we are very proud to showcase.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Park Ridge and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Park Ridge Roofing Contractor with plenty of experience with shingle roofs and flat roofs. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service, and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference. Contact the roofing experts at SMART Roofing, Inc. at (847) 797-0404, to learn more, or email us for your residential or commercial roofing needs.

Shingle Roof ReplacementShingle Roof Replacement


The Basics of Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are by far the most prominent roof covering material in the United States, and especially in Chicagoland. With such a large customer base, there are a lot of manufacturers and products, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Below are some of the basic terms and details every homeowner should know before they decide on a new roof.
  • Underlayment: This can refer to either the felt paper or the ice and water barrier that is installed over the roof deck, under the shingles, as an additional layer of protection against the elements.
    • Felt Paper: Felt is made of a base, made from natural materials (such as wood cellulose) or synthetic ones (such as fiberglass or polyester), and then coated or saturated with a protective coating such as bitumen (asphalt), which repels water but still allows the product to breathe. Sometimes also referred to as Tar Paper. Felt paper is not self-sealing, and any nails create possible spots for water to penetrate so it is best installed with staples. There are a number of felt paper options, some even synthetic, but most homeowners can stick with the standard #15 or #30 felt, which indicates the weight and durability of the felt.
    • Ice and Water Barrier: Ice and water barrier, sometimes called ice and water shield, is a rubberized asphalt membrane that helps prevent leaks in ice damming situations. This is usually only installed along the gutter perimeter of the roof and in valleys, areas where snow can accumulate and infiltrate the roof system. Ice and water barrier is a self-sealing membrane, meaning that it seals around any nails that go through it, preventing water penetration. There are a variety of brands on the market and your decision on the specific brand will most likely be based upon a warranty that is offered. Many manufacturers will only offer a full system warranty if their product is used, so keep an eye out for matching materials.
  • Starters: A starter strip of shingles is a specific piece of asphalt shingle that is applied at all roof edges to ensure that the first layer of shingles is adhered properly, preventing wind blow offs. It needs to be nailed down, and has one or two lines of adhesive to help shingles seal properly. Brands are also dependent on the warranty, and as long as you have starters installed, the manufacturers do not vary too much in their quality.
  • Shingles: The most visible, and to some the most important part of the roof system. Asphalt shingles have definitely changed over the last 20 years, with the biggest change being the introduction of architectural shingles which replaced the 3-tab shingle as the industry standard. Architectural shingles are made of essentially 2 layers, a thick fiberglass mat base and a top layer of ceramic-coated granules that are embedded in asphalt, which cause the shingles to be thicker and have more definition. This makes architectural shingles more durable, and more resistant to wind damage and hail damage. Architectural shingles often carry a longer warranty than 3-tab, with most manufacturers offering 30-year or lifetime warranties. Colors may vary between manufacturers, but the quality is pretty uniform, so the decision comes down to the warranty offered, and the aesthetics of the house.
  • Hip and Ridge Shingles: Almost as important as the roof shingles themselves, these specific shingles go on the ridges and hips of your roof. Ridges and hips are the high points of where 2 roof planes meet. In many cases roofers will use 3-tab shingles as the hip and ridge pieces, which is a viable and cost efficient option, while not being the most durable option. We recommend special hip and ridge pieces that are thicker and can withstand being subjected to the winds and elements we experience in Chicago and surrounding areas.
  • Ventilation: The roofing element that is most often undervalued. A properly vented roof will lower heating and cooling bills, prevent ice damming situations, and extend the life of your roof. The options vary between static vents, which can be mushroom or slant back vents, turbine vents, and our personal favorite, the ridge vent. While static vents used to be the most common, the efficiency and appearance of the ridge vent is making it the class leader in the recent years. The ridge vent is installed exactly as the name suggest, along the ridge line. This allows the vent to blend in with the roof, providing a more uniform look, while also being the most efficient exhaust vent. When combined with proper intake ventilation, roof vents exhaust the moisture and excess heat from your attic, ensuring that the roof deck and installed shingles are not deteriorating prematurely.
  • Flashings: Flashings are the necessary roof elements that tie in roof penetrations to the roof and make sure they will not leak. Whether it is a roof meeting a wall, a chimney coming through the roof, or a pipe coming through the roof, all of these need to have the right flashings to prevent water infiltration. Some penetrations, such as bathroom soil stacks or electric masts, have pre-manufactured boots that are installed without any issues by most roofers. Other penetrations, such as chimneys, or intersections of roof to wall, require sheet metal flashings. Different roofers have different methods of installing flashings, but a safe practice is to get a specification of what the flashing material will be and how it will be installed. Our recommendation is to use at least 24 gauge steel with a weather protective coating which will ensure that the flashings will last as long as your new architectural shingle roof will.
These items cover the basics of a roof system assembly. There are of course many more elements that go into each section, but this should allow for a basic understanding of what to look for in a new roof. With underlayments, there are always different options of natural or synthetic. With shingles, you can do more research into designer styles which can mimic the appearance of slate or cedar shake. Even then, different manufacturers have different looks and specifications, so research is always a good thing. Ventilation should always be balanced between intake and exhaust, and different vents might appeal to different tastes. Flashings are often brushed over, but they are a very important part of the roof assembly to keep in mind. Hopefully these items can help you decide on a new roof, and can make that decision a little bit less stressful. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like us to provide a roof assessment or estimate, feel free to contact the roofing experts at Smart Roofing Inc. at (847) 797-0404 or email us at  

Shingle Roof Replacement in Orland Park

Here is a shingle roof we recently replaced on a church in Orland Park. To accompany a new roof we are also installing custom made steel box gutters, new aluminum siding, and new steel soffit and fascia. Big projects are always appreciated by us as they offer an opportunity to showcase our efficiency.

This shingle roof in Orland Park was replaced with GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles, which are thicker and offer more protection from the elements. Since this is a church roof, the details drawn by the architect had to be followed to the dot to make sure the roof will last for years without any issues. Custom sized steel gutters and downspouts made by our sheet metal crews tie in the roof to the new steel soffit and fascia we had to install. New sheet metal cladding and saddles promote water flow from roof top penetration curbs and prevent leaks in the future. The new siding on the gable puts everything together, and with a custom color and design of ridge vent, this roof showed us how quickly we can adapt to new styles and requirements of roofing projects. This shingle roof replacement in Orland Park is one we are very proud of.

SMART Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor serving Orland Park and its surrounding suburbs. Select SMART Roofing, Inc. as your Orland Park Roofing Contractor. From roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of new residential roof and commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service, and exceptional results are the “SMART” roofing difference.

Orland Park Shingle Roof Orland Park Timberline HD Shingle Roof Orland Park Soffit Fascia Gutter Shingle RoofOrland Park Weathered Wood Shingle Roof

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