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Smart Roofing Inc. Extends Life of Aged Commercial Roof in Arlington Heights, Illinois by 10 Years with Andek Polaroof RAC Urethane Liquid Membrane

June 21, 2018

The roofing experts at Smart Roofing Inc. have recently recovered an aged modified bitumen roof on a multi-family building in Arlington Heights, Illinois for a fraction of the cost of a regular roof replacement while providing an additional long-lasting, waterproof roofing layer. It was done using Andek Polaroof RAC Urethane liquid membrane. Andek Polaroof RAC is tough and elastic with high tensile strength and good puncture resistance and contains corrosion-inhibiting pigments for protection against rust and acid rain.

The membrane goes over properly cleaned, existing roofing with extra attention to detail around problem areas such as seams, low spots, or changes of slope. Andek Polaroof RAC is applied seamlessly, eliminating the need to worry about old seams separating and allowing water in. Andek is also a reflective layer, meaning it does not get hot with the sun exposure, lowering your cooling bills. It withstands all weather conditions, from freezing winter nights to hot summer afternoons, typical Chicago weather, and comes with a 10-year warranty!

Andek Polaroof RAC membrane is a great choice for commercial and residential building owners where a complete roof replacement might not be possible or cost prohibitive. Polaroof RAC, being a relatively affordable option, offers amazing quality and look, and provides a superb waterproofing option for aging roofs.

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